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7 Things the Best Dental Websites Have in Common

May 16, 2017
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Your dental website is critical for attracting and retaining patients. It can help create a brand image of superior patient service, accuracy, and professionalism. The best dental websites often have similar features, design, and functionality that patients look for.

Here are seven traits the most effective dental websites have in common so you can make sure your online presence conveys the proper image and attracts a steady stream of new patients to your practice:

  • Engaging Website Design

    First and foremost, the best dental websites feature an engaging website design that looks great and is intuitive to use. A new patient is not going to waste a lot of time trying to find out more about your dental staff members or how to book an appointment. Your dental website should make it easy to find this information and look aesthetically pleasing.

  • Compelling Copy

    Many dentists offer similar services. This is why it’s important to use the written copy on your practice’s website to engage new patients and to show off what’s different about your practice. Any written copy should be customized to reflect your practice, its staff, and your level of professionalism. If your practice is warm and welcoming, the copy should reflect that.

  • Mobile Friendly

    People search for your practice’s website from their mobile devices, whether they’re trying to find your phone number to reschedule an appointment during a few minutes of down time or looking for a new dentist. You want your website to be accessible across all of these devices. People are beginning to expect responsive designs that work on various platforms.

  • Optimized for Search

    More and more patients are using search engines, like Google, to find a dentist. It’s critical that your website shows up in local search results. Make sure that your website follows these SEO best practices:

    • Incorporate relevant keywords into your title tags
    • Create separate pages for each of your services/procedures
    • Add your business Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) to the footer of every page

    In addition, be sure to create a verified Google My Business profile that links to your website, and optimize your Google profile with relevant categories. Finally, encourage your customers to get reviews. Ideally your website makes it easy for you to request reviews. With a Dentalfone website, this review-request functionality is built into your dental website. And our dentist SEO services ensure that all of these SEO best practices are taken care of for you.

  • Modern Logo

    Your logo says a lot about your dental practice. An outdated logo tells new patients that your practice likely isn’t cutting edge or using the most innovative tools and technologies. A modern dental logo looks great and can help further your brand’s message. The best dental websites currently feature flat designs that convey a modern, professional image.

  • Professional Photos

    In addition, it’s important to feature professional quality photos of team members, practice locations, and interiors pictures of dental offices. Pictures can go a long way toward establishing credibility and making new patients feel comfortable scheduling an appointment at your practice.

  • High Quality Video

    People love watching videos. They’re engaging and have the ability to reveal a lot of information quickly. We recommend utilizing videos on your website to introduce your practice, your staff, and your office. This helps new patients connect with your practice long before their first appointment.

Need a New Dental Website?

These are just some of the things that best dental websites have in common. At Dentalfone, we create beautiful custom dental websites complete with all of these traits.

If you’re looking to upgrade your website, we invite  you to learn more about our dental website design services here or call us today at (855) 385-3663.

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