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Mobile Technology: Evolution and Impact on Today’s Dental Practice

May 19, 2016
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Let’s face it. Your patients aren’t reading your magazines or watching your waiting room TV. Instead, they are buried in their smartphones.

Many dentists view the phone as an annoyance. Instead of embracing smartphones, many dentists have failed to find ways to leverage these devices to their practice advantage.

The smartphone can become a very useful tool that dentists can leverage to help with patients referrals, obtaining more positive online reviews, and help improve the image of their practice to potential patients surfing the internet researching dentists.

This one hour presentation will provide interesting facts and information about the search habits of potential patients and how your practice can improve your online visibility to engage more patients and improve your chances of getting that phone call.

Quick Points about the Impact of Mobile:

  • The new billboard of today’s world is the 3 X 5 inch screen on your patient’s mobile phone.
  • Smartphones vs. Desktops: 57% of all internet search is now done from mobile phones.
  • Facebook stock recently soared 9% due to a surge in ad revenue (82% was from mobile).
  • Google changed their “7-Pack” local search results to “3-Pack” to fit mobile screen sizes.
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