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Dentalfone builds premium, custom websites for Oral Surgeons. All Dentalfone websites are fully responsive and can be viewed seamlessly on computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Let us help you reflect the type of high-end oral surgery practice you want your patients and peers to see.

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Why Dentalfone

Dentalfone specializes in website design for dentists, including oral surgeons. We have years of experience building hundreds of websites for dentists, and we know what patients are looking for when it comes to oral surgery websites.

Plus, our exclusive Hybrid-Responsive™ technology ensures that your patients will have a superior browsing experience when viewing your website on computers, tablets, and smartphones. On mobile devices, our technology does not just shrink your website — instead, patients will see a an engaging, easy-to-use, app-like interface.

Call Dentalfone at 855-385-3663 or click here to request a free demo to learn more about our custom dental website design services.

Our Clients Say It Best...

The entire team at Dentalfone has been wonderful to work with. We have been thrilled with our products and their customer service and responsive attention has been just great. Highly recommend them!!
- Leah Schwibner, Vero Beach, FL
We have a cutting-edge practice and this portrays exactly who we are!
- Dr. Graziano Giglio, Prosthodontist, New York City
The Dentalfone team is amazingly talented and extremely thorough. I am very pleased with the website that they created. Not only is it mobile friendly, but it is very easy to navigate.
- Dr. Agnieska Jamrozek, General Dentist, New Jersey

Call Dentalfone at 855-385-3663 or click here to request a free demo to learn more about our services.

Our Oral Surgery Website Design Portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions About Oral Surgery Websites

Why do oral surgeons need a website?

Websites for oral surgeons offer a variety of invaluable benefits. They allow future patients to learn about your services, training, and expertise. They educate patients about the field of oral surgery. A website also allows the greatest number of potential patients to easily find you, and find answers to questions they may have. In other words, your website serves as a patient-facing marketing and resource center.

Does my oral surgery website need a redesign?

Websites that haven’t been updated in the last three years should be updated. As more and more patients turn to mobile devices, a mobile-friendly website is imperative. Other indications that your oral surgery website needs to be updated include a lack of conversion, dated images, and/or missing information about oral services or technology that you offer.

What should an oral surgery website include?

The website for your oral surgery practice should feature your experience, any specializations, your education and training, the various services you offer, high-resolution photos, high-quality video, and helpful resources for patients such as forms and FAQs.

How much does an oral surgery website cost?

Web design companies that specialize in oral surgery websites often offer different packages for web redesigns. Contact Dentalfone today for a quote.

Why is mobile-friendly web design important for oral surgeons?

Many people only use mobile devices to conduct research and book appointments. If your oral surgery website isn’t mobile-friendly, you can be driving future patients to other practices. Dentalfone designs oral surgery websites that use Hybrid-Responsive™ technology, which results in mobile websites looking and functioning like a mobile app on a smartphone or tablet.

What are some examples of professional oral surgery websites?

Dentalfone specializes in creating websites for the dental industry, with a niche in creating engaging, responsive websites for specialists such as oral surgeons, periodontists, and endodontists. We invite you to view our portfolio.

What do the best oral surgeon websites have in common?

The most successful oral surgery websites share seven common features.

  1. Engaging design
  2. Compelling copy (text)
  3. Mobile-friendly interface
  4. Optimized for search
  5. Modern logo
  6. Professional Photos
  7. High-quality videos

What should I look for in an oral surgery web design company?

Look for a web designer who has experience creating websites for dental professionals. Web designers who specialize in the dental field know what patients want to find on a website, what they search for, and how a dental website can be leveraged to grow your practice.

What makes Dentalfone different from other dental web design companies?

Dentalfone has a dental pedigree with decades of experience serving the dental market. We specialize in creating professional, engaging mobile-friendly websites featuring modern designs, and signature Hybrid-Responsive™ technology. The design team at Dentalfone has 75+ years of combined experience providing full-suite digital marketing services to oral surgeons. Hybrid-Responsive oral surgery websites adapt to the user interface across all viewing platforms. This means that your website functions as an app on mobile devices, resulting in a superior patient experience.

What other marketing services does Dentalfone provide for Oral Surgeons??

Dentalfone provides comprehensive digital marketing for oral surgeons. Digital marketing services available include custom blogging, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), press releases, Google Ad campaigns, logo design, and more. Combined, these services create a consistent brand and message across a variety of digital channels.

Call Dentalfone at 855-385-3663 or click here to request a free demo to learn more about our services.



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