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Why Dentists Need a Safety Protocol Page

June 25, 2020
Safety Protocols Page

Here at Dentalfone, we’ve been hard at work these past few months developing new ways to help our clients promote their practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the steps we’re recommending is to load safety protocol pages onto client websites. 

The Importance of Communicating Safety Procedures to Patients

What we know about the novel coronavirus now is very different from what we knew about it in January. As our knowledge evolves, so do safety protocols, ADA, and CDC guidelines. It’s important to have current documentation on your website that reflects the infection control procedures in your practice. 

During this time, all of us are adjusting to a new normal. It can be unnerving for patients to arrive at their doctor’s or dentist’s office and find an empty waiting room, be asked to have their temperature taken, wear a mask, etc. Having a protocol page helps prepare your patients for what to expect from dental visits in the time of COVID-19. With a small minority of Americans refusing to wear masks and social distance, it’s also helpful to make all of your patients aware of these protocols before they arrive at your office to prevent possible conflicts.

We also foresee that having a safety protocol is going to become a marketing tool for dental practices. Implementing advanced sterilization techniques, air purification systems, etc., is going to give you a leg up on other local practices. You can expect that patients are going to be checking these protocols before they schedule appointments and may even choose a provider based on the measures they take to keep patients safe. 

What the Experts Say About the Future of Dentistry During the COVID-19 Crisis

Being adaptable is the name of the game right now. In March, dentistry was deemed a nonessential service in some states, leaving dentists only able to serve patients experiencing dental emergencies. Now, as restrictions begin to be loosened, dentists must adapt their safety protocols.

Dentistry involves both close contact and high-aerosol procedures; dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants are among the most vulnerable professions when it comes to infection in the workplace. Until there is sufficient PPE and rapid testing available, we can expect that there will be no “back to normal.” Even with these two factors in place, the dental experience for patients will be quite different than what it was before COVID-19, with screenings and social distancing in waiting areas. Once a vaccination is widely available and no community transition is detected, dentists will be able to return to business as usual, but undoubtedly, patients will continue to have higher standards for safety and cleanliness.

What Else You Need to Do to Protect Your Business

Related to that last point, now is the time to clean house—replace worn-out dental chairs or carpet, set up a cleaning service to dust and vacuum, and make sure your office looks clean. Patients will flock to modern practices with bright, sterile surroundings and the latest dental equipment and technologies. Even having a website with a clean, uncluttered design can send a message about your practice. 

Teledentistry is another service worth investigating. While it may not work for every dental practice, many can utilize teledentistry to assist patients in emergencies, offer guidance on homecare, and provide consultations on future procedures.

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