Why We Build Cloud Based Dental Apps

January 13, 2017
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We are sometimes asked why we develop cloud based applications for the dental industry, versus building apps for native phone operating systems. Here are some of the reasons why we feel cloud based apps are the best solution for our clients.

  • Application Store Limitations

    Some companies do not allow “web based” applications in their application store. Doing so would crowd the store with custom applications that don’t generally apply to the public at large. It’s not necessary to have them in the application store as they can be easily loaded through the use of the URL or QR Code.

  • Cross Platform

    The application would have to be developed specifically for each platform. Therefore the cost would be very high as much of the work would have to be done separately for each platform, iOS®, Android®, Windows®, Blackberry®, etc. Having a web based app allows us to run across a variety of phones, tablets, and computers, allowing you to reach a much broader audience.

  • Updates

    As updates are made to the operating system of the phone it can and often does “break” apps, causing a need for significant development time to accommodate the changes. This could be extremely costly to keep up-to-date, especially when dealing with multiple OS platforms.

  • Approval Process

    There is no guarantee that an app would be accepted into the app store by Apple® or other phone OS companies. They can block an app at any time for any reason. Rules for an application store can be updated and changed at any time by the companies that control them.

  • Storage Space

    Traditional apps take up space on the device. A lot of users select devices with the lowest amount of memory space. It is less likely they would keep a dental app on their system if it is using precious storage space. A web based app only puts an icon on the home screen, it is not taking up additional space on the users device and more likely to be kept on their device if trying to save storage space.

  • Ease of Use

    End users often forget the passwords to their application stores making it hard to assist them with loading the app when they are in your office. Being web based allows easier adding of the app without having to go into the app store.

  • Updates

    A web based application is much easier to update with changes than one that must go through an app store. Also, see item 4, a revision could be blocked for an arbitrary reason, even if it is had been allowed before. Many users do not keep their apps up-to-date, being web based means users are always accessing the most current information.

These are some of the reasons Dentalfone® decided to use a cloud based app as opposed to an app designed for and limited to a particular device. To learn more about our services please contact us for more information. Our excellent sales team can share more great reasons why Dentalfone is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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