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Dentalfone creates beautiful, custom websites for pedodontists. All of our websites are fully responsive and can be viewed on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

As a pediatric dentist, your website is your most important marketing tool for attracting and retaining patients. Instead of working directly with patients, you are marketing to their parents, who have a whole different set of standards. We understand what parents look for in a pediatric dentist’s website and can utilize this knowledge to benefit your practice’s website.

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Why Dentalfone

Dentalfone specializes in website design for dentists, including pediatric dental practices. We know what works in the dental industry based on our years of experience, and we understand what parents are looking for when searching for a pedodontist.

Our unique Hybrid-Responsive™ technology provides a seamless experience across all devices — computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Your mobile website will not simply be a smaller, compromised version of your website. Instead, Hybrid-Responsive™ technology offers a high-end, app-like interface on mobile devices that is engaging and aesthetically pleasing.

Call Dentalfone at 855-385-3663 or click here to request a free demo to learn more about our custom dental website design services.

Our Clients Say It Best...

The entire team at Dentalfone has been wonderful to work with. We have been thrilled with our products and their customer service and responsive attention has been just great. Highly recommend them!!
- Leah Schwibner, Vero Beach, FL
We have a cutting-edge practice and this portrays exactly who we are!
- Dr. Graziano Giglio, Prosthodontist, New York City
The Dentalfone team is amazingly talented and extremely thorough. I am very pleased with the website that they created. Not only is it mobile friendly, but it is very easy to navigate.
- Dr. Agnieska Jamrozek, General Dentist, New Jersey

Call Dentalfone at 855-385-3663 or click here to request a free demo to learn more about our services.

Our Pediatric Website Design Portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions About Pediatric Dental Websites

Why do pediatric dentists need a website?

All businesses need a website in today’s competitive market, and that includes pediatric dentists. A website often serves as the first impression you’ll make on your future patients and their parents. Websites put you on the digital map by reaching patients you can’t reach elsewhere. Websites can also streamline your practice’s operations by providing information the parents of patients need and require when making the decision to engage. This can help reduce the number of incoming calls, allow patients to complete forms online, and often schedule appointments online. This can free up time for your administrative staff to provide extra attention to patients when they arrive.

Does my pediatric dental website need a redesign?

If your website is dated, doesn’t include all services and treatments you provide, or isn’t earning your pediatric dental practice new patients, it’s time for a redesign. Likewise, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s time for a redesign. If you’ve added new locations, new dentists, or new equipment or services that aren’t featured on your website, it’s also time to consider redesigning your website.

What should a pediatric dental website include?

Google has become an “answer machine” and parents are often looking for the answers to common questions. So it’s best to make your pediatric website informative and educational so that Google will consider your website the authoritative source in your area to answer the questions that parents are asking! It should be easy for viewers to contact your practice. You should include all services and any specialties. It is also helpful to have patient information and resources on your site. Your patients should also be able to request an appointment for their child online. Finally, photos and biographies of each dentist in your practice should be included. For pediatric dental practices, it can also be helpful to include educational or instructional videos or cartoons that promote good oral health care for young patients.

How much does a pediatric dentistry website cost?

Dentalfone offers a variety of website redesign packages. To learn which is best for you, and for a no-obligation quote, contact our team today.

Why is mobile-friendly web design important for pediatric dentists?

Mobile searches account for more than half of all internet searches. So, if your site is not mobile-friendly, you’re making it difficult for people to find what they need on your site. In worst cases, older websites may not work at all on mobile devices.

Dentalfone creates incredibly mobile-friendly pediatric dental practice websites using Hybrid-Responsive™ technology. Hybrid-responsive technology makes your website function like a mobile app. This is an ideal design for pediatric dental practices serving a younger demographic that is mobile intensive.

What are some examples of professional pediatric dental websites?

You can view our portfolio of dental websites, including pediatric dentistry websites here.

What do the best pediatric dentistry websites have in common?

The best pediatric dentistry websites all share several things in common, irrespective of where your practice is located. They are:

  • Welcoming and engaging web design
  • Helpful, well-written copy
  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Map/directions/hours
  • Contact information
  • Patient forms/FAQs
  • Optimized for search (so your site appears in local searches)

What should I look for in a pediatric dental web design company?

Look for a web design company that specializes in creating dental websites. With more than 75 years of combined experience, the design team at Dentalfone knows how to create websites for pediatric dentists that not only reflect well on your practice, but that create an enjoyable user experience.

What makes Dentalfone different than other pediatric dentistry web design agencies?

Dentalfone specializes in the dental field. Years of experience and research have taught us what patients are looking for on dental websites. Innovative Hybrid-Responsive™ technology ensures that your pediatric dental website looks and functions perfectly whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Our team has also earned rave reviews for our client service, availability, and results for dental professionals.

What other marketing services does Dentalfoen provide for pediatric dentists?

At Dentalfone we provide all digital marketing services that a pediatric dental practice needs. In addition to web design, we also offer custom blogs, custom press releases, social media, Google Ads, videography, photography, and custom logo design.

Call Dentalfone at 855-385-3663 or click here to request a free demo to learn more about our services.



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