Writing A Great Biography

Biography Guidelines

Some biographies tend to read more like a resume than an interesting story. Your biography should be thought of more as an introduction when meeting someone for the first time rather than a list of accomplishments. We want your readers to connect with who you are as a person. Your biography doesn’t have to be long or complicated.

When thinking about your writing your biography, recall how you greet a patient for the first time. What do you tell them about yourself?

For example, you might start our your biography as follows:

Hi, I’m Dr. Mary Brown, I grew up in ___________(city, town) and attended college at ___________________. From there I attended dental school at ___________, completing my degree in ________________(year). After that I trained at ___________ for ________ years in the residency program. (Or I worked as an associate at _____ for _____ years). In _________(year) I relocated to _______________ with my husband / wife. We have _____ kids and enjoy… (lists some hobbies and interests).

For the 2nd paragraph list what makes you passionate about your profession. If you work in a multiple doctor practice it’s best if these don’t all sound the same. Perhaps you love technology and how it benefits your patients. Maybe you have a passion for continuing education and the benefits it brings your patients. What are your goals for the patient experience? Try to speak from the heart with a few sentences on what you enjoy about what you do and how that passion impacts your patients.

Writing a nice biography doesn’t need to take long, 15 to 20 minutes should be all you need. Getting your patients to connect with who you are as a person is our primary goal. A great biography combined with an excellent photograph helps patients see who you are as a person so that they can feel comfortable picking up the phone to make an appointment.