Why Dentists Should Issue Press Releases

September 25, 2020
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In this age of digital marketing, press releases may sound like a bit of a throwback. Why issue a press release when you could boost a post on Facebook or add more budget to your Google Ads campaign? We issue press releases for the value that they add to Organic SEO.

Press releases might not be a promotional tool on the radar of most dentists and practice managers, but 72 percent of journalists say that press releases are one of the most useful types of content sent by PR firms. Local news outlets often use press releases to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the community, but the more modern benefit of press releases is that they build brand reputation, grow an online presence, and improve SEO.

According to Robert Messinger, Director of SEO at Dentalfone, “The reason that we publish press releases is to promote a significant event.  A new website, new technology, a new associate are all newsworthy items. It is an off-page Local SEO strategy that helps popularize your events, products, and services on the web to improve the SEO of your site.”

Topics for Press Releases

The key to writing an effective press release is to choose a compelling, newsworthy topic. Some potential ideas for dental practices include:

  • Launching a new dental practice or opening a new location
  • Releasing a new website
  • Offering a new dental service
  • Adding a new dentist to the practice
  • Rebranding
  • Celebrating a milestone or anniversary
  • Launching a charitable campaign or making a donation to a non-profit
  • Participating in community outreach programs
  • Receiving an award or certification
  • Announcing the publication of an article or book
  • Sharing dental tips or education
  • Promoting an upcoming event
  • Announcing a retirement

You might be surprised to find that your press release is picked up by a local news outlet and leads to a bigger story and a steady stream of new patients — but even if it isn’t, you’ll still benefit from the off-page SEO that sends a signal to Google that your site is legitimate and trustworthy. 

As Messinger explains, “Press releases are an efficient way to build citations -- mentions of your dental practice’s Name, Address, and Phone number. By including your practice’s contact information in the address, when that press release is distributed to dozens of online news websites, you build citations -- and those citations can help improve your practice’s local Google rankings.” 

Are they well-versed in SEO and Digital marketing?

No one likes to toot their own horn, so let us do the work for you. We offer a press release service to make the process simple and affordable. Instead of hiring an expensive public relations firm to write and distribute your press releases, our in-house writing and SEO team can get the job done for you as an add-on to our standard SEO services.  

Our SEO team will help you select topics that are relevant to your practice and will pique the interest of potential patients and reporters. Once the press release is written, you’ll have a chance to review it before it’s distributed. Our competitive pricing fits into the budget of dental practices of all sizes. 

Learn More About Press Releases

If you’d like to learn more about how issuing press releases can help your SEO and spread the word about big changes at your dental practice, schedule a meeting with Dentalfone SEO. We’re always available to help you make the most out of your partnership with us.

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